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Power Flushing

Power Flushing

Removal of contaminants from the radiators and pipework

Sludge and debris if left in heating systems will accumulate in the boiler and radiators, dramatically reducing their effectiveness and will eventually lead to a loss of efficiency or premature failure of the appliance.

The following are some of the problems that could be avoided with a Power Flush as it removes the magnetite sludge from your system using our magnetic filters;

  • Cold radiators
  • Excessive noise from the boiler or pump, leading to premature failure
  • Heating pump circulation problems
  • Pipe blockages
  • Poor/non-existent hot water when the system has been running a while
  • Cold spots on radiators
  • Internal corrosion
  • System blockages
  • Discoloured water black or brown when you bleed a radiator
  • In severe cases, discoloured water when you run a tap.

These problems on their own may be able to be rectified without Power Flushing, however if you notice more than one sign then it’s probably worth considering a Power Flush.

Power Flushing
The design of modern boilers requires the removal of as many impurities as possible from the system water in order to provide maximum efficiency and a trouble free lifespan for your boiler and heating system. Additionally, boiler manufacturers’ guarantees may be invalidated if system impurities are found to be the cause of boiler breakdown or poor performance.

ENPH Power Flushing uses chemicals alongside our magnetic filters to remove Magnetite sludge from your heating system and boiler after the system is flushed, a chemical inhibitor is added. This prevents internal corrosion of your boiler/radiators and keeps your system water clean and impurity free. We also offer a full range of Plumbing and Heating services including Installations, Service contracts, Servicing, Landlord Safety Certificates, Breakdown repairs and bathroom installations/upgrades.

What Is Power Flushing?
Power Flushing is where radiators are cleaned inside by forcing water round the heating system at pressure and removing the accumulated iron oxide and other materials which can reduce the efficiency of a heating system. After Power Flushing, we can add Central Heating Magnetic Filter to protect your system to prolong its life. Please contact us for more information or call us on 01493 752128 or 07824 446940.

What are the benefits?
Power Flushing removes contaminants from the radiators and pipework, thus improving heat output from the system. The result in overall efficiency improvements meaning you save on your fuel bill.

How much does it cost?
The treatment costs depend on how many radiators are involved, and several other factors. Starting price is £350.00 for a boiler and up-to 8 radiators. This price is based on a property in the Norfolk area with up to 8 radiators. If you have more radiators or are outside above areas please contact us for a quote.

For more information or a no obligation quotation for our Power Flushing services please contact us on 01493 752128 or 07824 446940.

Power Flush Magnets Before And After A Magniclean

  • Power Flushing
  • Power Flushing

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